Maria Terzita Costa - Confirmation of Citizenship Status - Australia

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This is an official response from the Department of Home Affairs stating that Maria Terzita Santamaria never naturalized in Australia.

This is an extremely important document as it establishes an unbroken line of Italian citizenship between Maria Terzita and her children.


You can request your own copy of this document from the Department of Home Affairs with Form 1391 - Request for confirmation of Australian citizenship status of a deceased person .

There are several things to consider when filling out this form:

  • Only children and grandchildren of the deceased are able to request this statement.
  • Ensure you explicitly decline electronic responses - you need a signed physical document as it must be apostilled if you intend to submit it to the Italian authorities.
  • Along with the form, you must submit certified copies of (assuming “applicant” is a grandchild of Maria Terzita):
    • Maria Terzita’s death certificate
    • Parent of applicant’s birth certificate
    • Applicant’s birth certificate
  • Even though the instructions indicate the person certifying these documents must be known to you for at least 1 year, I just took it down to the local police station and had it signed by an officer I had never met before. Your mileage may vary.
  • In your response to why you require this statement, indicate you are “applying for foreign citizenship, including passport”.

Maria had her second name misspelled on her birth certificate. This may cause problems in the trial due to the name discrepancy.

I opted to err on the side of caution and applied for this with the Terzito alternate spelling. In addition to the documents above, I also included:

  • Certified copy of Maria Terzita’s Italian birth certificate.
  • Certified copy of NAATI english translation of the Italian birth certificate.
  • A statutory declaration stating that all four names referred to the same individual due to a misspelling on the birth certificate.


Australian Government

Department of Home Affairs

Australian citizenship status

Maria Terzita Santamaria

I am writing in regards to your request for confirmation of Australian citizenship status of your deceased grandmother, Maria Terzita Santamaria.

Based on the information you have provided, we can confirm that the person whose details appear below, and who is now deceased, was not an Australian citizen.

Family nameGiven nameDate of birthCountry of birth
SANTAMARIAMaria Terzita18/02/1888Italy
SANTAMARIAMaria Terzito18/02/1888Italy
COSTAMaria Terzita18/02/1888Italy
COSTAMaria Terzito18/02/1888Italy

If you hae any further questions, please contact the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880 (between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday).

Yours sincerely.
Position No. XXXX
Citizenship Help Desk Manager
Citizenship Operations Section
Citizenship and Multicultural Programs Branch
Refugee, Citizenship and Multicultural Programs Division
Immigration and Citizenship Services
Department of Home Affairs

  • Document mentions Maria Terzita Costa.
  • Is document of type Confirmation of Citizenship Status.