Bartolo Santamaria - Naturalization - Australia

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Bartolo Santamaria’s Australian naturalization certificate dated 17 August 1904.


Original document in Santamaria Family Historical Collection. Caretaker is Nick Santamaria.


Commonwealth of Australia

Certificate of Naturalization

By virtue of the Naturalization Act 1903, I, the Governor-General in and over the Commonwealth of Australia, with the advice of The Federal Executive Council, grant to Bartolo Santamaria an Alien, being a native of Messina in Italy and of the age of fifty two years, this Certificate of Naturalization whereby the said Bartolo Santamaria becomes entitled to all Political and other Rights, Powers, and Privileges, and becomes subject to all Obligations to which Natural-born British Subject is entitled or subject in the Commonwealth.

Provided that where by any provision of the Constitution or of any Act or State Constitution or Act a distinction is made between Rights, Powers, or Privileges of Natural-born British Subjects and those of persons naturalized in the Commonwealth or in a State, the Rights, Power and Privileges conferred by the granting of this Certificate shall for the purposes of that provision be only those (if any) to which persons so naturalized are therein expressed to be entitled.

Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Australia, at Melbourne the seventeenth day of August One thousand nine hundred and four.

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