Bartolo Santamaria, Giuseppa Sabato - Marriage Certificate - Italy

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Marriage certificate of Bartolo Santamaria and Giuseppa Sabato, dated 22 April 1881.


Original document in Santamaria Family Historical Collection. Caretaker is Nick Santamaria.


Province of Messina District of Messina Municipality of Messina

Extract from the register of marriage records of the Salina Civil Status of 1881.

Marriage certificate

Santamaria Bartolomeo and Sabato Giuseppa

The year 1881 on April 21st at 7:10 am in the Municipality of Salina,

In front of me, Giuseppe Pittorino, councilor of the mayor, with an act dated 8 June 1880, approved by the officer of the civil state.

They appeared:

  • Bartolomeo Santamaria, aged 28, sailor, born in Salina (Rinella), residing in Salina, son of Bartolo, living in Salina (Rinella), and Rosa Sciarrone, living in Salina (Leni).
  • Giuseppa Sabato, aged 29, weaver, born in Salina (Rinella) residing in Salina, daughter of Bernardo, residing in Salina (Leni), and Felicia De Fina residing in Salina (Leni).

They asked me to marry and presented the document described below and the publication document. I insert them in the volume of the annexes of this register, considered the “nulla osta” to the celebration of their marriage.

I have read to the spouses the articles 130, 131 and 132 of the Civil Code and therefore I asked the spouse to take the present Giuseppa Sabato as wife; and I asked Giuseppa Sabato if she intends to take Bartolo Santamaria as her husband. Having both answered yes in the presence of the witnesses, I have pronounced in the name of the law that both are united in marriage.

To this act were present: Felice Favoloso, aged 33, sailor, and Antonino Lamaro, aged 32, sailor; both residing in this Municipality.

I have read the present document to those present, which was signed only by witnesses, being the illiterate spouses.

Salina, 22 April 1881

The Official of the Civil Status

  • Document mentions Bartolo Santamaria, Giuseppa Sabato.
  • Is document of type Marriage Certificate.