Famiglia Felice Santamaria

Felice Santamaria belongs to the same breed as his father, those who dedicate their very existence to the benefit of their family. Felicudi is his birthplace in the Eolian Islands, and went to school until his father Giovanni, resident in Australia, sends for him together with his mother Terzita.

Joining his father in Melbourne in 1935 he immediately began to attend school until aged 14.

At the end of his studies he began working as a tomato grower. In these years he gave his best to improve his family’s conditions. The time had also come to know the person who would be by his side for the rest of his life.

Such a girl was Vita Giordano, whose family was born in Vizzini (Catania) and had been in Australia for some time.

Their happy union was complete with the birth of five children; Terzita, Maria, Giovanni, Nunziata and Rosa Maria.

Leasing a piece of land he dedicated (himself) to growing vegetables for one year then he decided to come to Melbourne, where he purchased a fruit shop in Canterbury and four years later sells this locale purchasing another in the Frankston area. Six years of work, then the decision to take a different course of activity - the opening of a restaurant that goes under the name of Santamaria’s Restaurant at 477 Nepean Highway, Frankston.

Felice and his wife Vita direct their energies in an endeavour to better their economic situation taking into consideration modesty as the best ornament of virtue, and work ethics as the major dignity of every human being.

Both of them were founding members of Saint Anthony’s Sanctuary at Hawthorn to the Christian dedication that they have towards the great saint.

Felice is Giuseppe’s first cousin 1x removed. He is the son of Giovanni.

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